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Welcome to Dental Sleep Today, a dental consulting company that knows what it takes to build a successful, thriving practice and how you can add dental sleep medicine. Just how do we know? Dr. Mark Levy and his wife, Cynthia Levy, have built a thriving dental practice in the Columbus, Ohio area. They have also helped many others build their own practices and one of the keys to increasing revenues and patient satisfaction is the implementation of extended services.

Add dental sleep medicine to your practice today!

Cynthia and Mark can bring the exciting world of dental sleep medicine into your practice with our 2 day in-office seminar. Their seminar is designed to train you and your staff in both the clinical and administrative sides of the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. This rapidly evolving treatment in the general dental practice is fast becoming what the cosmetic boom was to the last decade.

Adding Dental Sleep Medicine to your practice

Dental Sleep Medicine is one of the fastest growing fields today in the general dental practice. But like most new treatment modalities, the development of systems and protocols geared toward efficiency and patient acceptance is frequently ignored. From their experience treating hundreds of patients in the last 5 years, the attention to both clinical and administrative procedures is what makes Dental Sleep Medicine a viable option for your practice.

Cynthia and Mark Levy bring their extensive experience treating sleep and breathing disorders Cynthia has managed all aspects of staff, to your office, training both clinical and marketing and protocol development related to administrative personnel in the proper techniques Dental Sleep Apnea. She serves as a marketing necessary to achieve success for both your patients consultant to practices around the country and and your practice.

We Come to YOU!

As Dr. Levy is a practicing dentist himself, we structure the consult so that it falls on Friday and Saturday.   Unlike other consultants, we come to your location so that your entire practice and staff can participate. This is a rarity in the industry but we feel it is important to have this type of immersive learning to fully engage your staff. We run through all of the protocols in a hands-on immersive learning experience, including working with real patients on the 2nd day. We train you on how to do everything, from start to finish, including insurance, appointments, treatment and more.

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